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What is The Divine Feminine?

Simply put, 'The Divine Feminine' is an energy that exists in all living beings, regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, etc.

Divine Feminine energy is nurturing, sensual, artistic, intuitive and receives. It's counterpart, the Divine Masculine is goal oriented, logical, finds solutions, advocates and produces. Like yin & yang, the concept of duality is at the heart of the Divine Feminine & Masculine.

Some may find one energy is naturally more dominant than the other within themselves, which is why many find learning to balance the two part of their spiritual journey.

Learning to access the divine feminine will likely look different for different women, as well as the ease with which they are able to do so. Influences such as trauma, demanding careers, a lack of support, and stressful home lives are all factors that can leave women with no option but to operate under predominantly masculine energy.

While often necessary, the vast majority of women do not particularly enjoy being in survival mode. It is important to emphasize this concept in the discussion surrounding connecting with the divine feminine, as it can be more challenging initially for these women, and without proper acknowledgment, can leave them feeling quickly discouraged and even further marginalized. Creating space that encourages maximum compassion and patience both for them and within themselves is essential for their growth and journey.

Self-care practices such as yoni steams, baths, hair and makeup routines are some ways that women can connect to this energy, but group activities such as sacred circles, dance classes, and spiritual events are also ways women can connect in a collective setting.

Now that you've read this, I challenge you to take 15 minutes today to connect with that scared energy within you. Which activity will you choose?



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