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What Does it Mean to Manifest?

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

In the wake of the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we find ourselves in a a great awakening - not only as individuals, but as a collective. Now this could just be the brilliant algorithms courtesy of the brains behind social media platforms, but it seems like everywhere I turn there is a discussion about manifestation and manifesting things in order to improve one's life.

Something I've witnessed is that while various spiritual communities can be welcoming, they aren't exactly beginner-friendly. This is why I enjoy breaking down topics for you as a reader, because even I find myself lost sometimes. So let's break down manifestation.

Manifestation is about bringing a thought to life.

Just as an emotion like joy manifests itself as a smile and relaxed posture, the practice of manifestation is centered around taking something internal, like a thought or desire, and bringing it to the external world in some tangible form.

Some people enjoy manifesting by journaling, often in the present tense. Instead of writing something along the lines of "I want a bigger community," they might write something like "I have a large community. I am connected to my community. I enjoy serving my community. My community takes care of me."

Others enjoy manifesting by way of meditation. Beginners might find guided meditation especially helpful for this, in which they are led to envision a specific situation or desire in order to define details and ultimately manifest their vision into the real world.

Affirmations are another way that use declarations in the present tense as a way to manifest. These can be repeated orally or written down. "I prioritize my health. I prioritize my wellbeing. When I honor myself, I grant permission for others to do the same."

Have you practiced manifestations before? If not, would it be something of interest to you? Share your story in the comment section, or feel free to reach out to me personally on Instagram, @BesosJules .

Sending you all love & abundance.



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